Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect day for a water park

We were able to sleep in this morning, (yah!) because today was a lighter travel day. It was also the hottest day we have experienced...ever. It got to 40C, and we enjoyed it at a water park. Arizona is defiantly dry, my eyes, and my throat tell me this. Tomorrow I'll let you know what I think about a humid heat. :/


Hi all it's Brian,

I just want to share with you what God did today. Last night I received an email from our friends working at the orphanage in San Carlos. Their names are Andy and Jenny. Jenny emailed me to see how our traveling was going. I mentioned it was going well and that we planned to arrive into Mexico on July 2nd. Well it turns out that Andy was in Arizona having their van repaired and he too planned to drive home to San Carlos on July 2nd and was willing to travel with us through the border to make sure everything went smoothly. Andy has been in Arizona for most of the week waiting for parts to arrive for his van. They were supposed to arrive today (Friday) but turns out that they didn't show up so we are going to give him a lift back to San Carlos. This is huge as he speaks some spanish and has crossed the border many times and knows all the requirments. I wonder if God had anything to do with the parts not arriving and for his van and delaying Andy? Well, if God had His hand in it I really appreciate it. We having been praying that the border crossing would go smoothly but would have never imagined that God would provide a passenger for us to help us through! It is a huge weight off my Shoulders.

I just want to Praise Him for going above and beyond! God has been so good to us, our journey so far is unexplainable. He just keeps showing himself over and over!

He is Awesome!

Blessing back Home in Canada,


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