Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy work day today!

Hi Everyone
We hope that you are all doing well. We have been enjoying our time here so far. God has put great people in our lives that are a great encouragment to us. We thank Him for that.
Today was a really great day. We made good progress on settling in and organizing the house. This afternoon some of the guys took me out for lunch. I didn't realize it but it turned into a bit of a Mexican Welcom Initiation. They treated me to Goat Meat Taco's. Thats what they are leading me to believe. There is a chance that it may have been Cow head/meat Taco's. (when i refer to head/meat this is any meat on a cow skull including the brain) They placed my order in spanish so I wouldnt know for sure! I'm not complaining though, I know the time will come that the guys will be going out for octupus and clams. Apparently I am going too!
This evening we had supper with Pastor Rapheal and his family. They prepared Deer Meat Taco appetizers. Another new thing to add to my list of crazy foods in Mexico. Already God wants to stretch me. Both the Deer meat and the Goat meat were really good!
Pastor Rapheal and Maricella are doing well but they are looking really exhauseted, I hope that we will be able to relieve some pressure from the two of them.

Today three of my Mexican friendcs cam down to help me out with cleaning up out yard. We have alot of tall grass and weeds that needed to me knocked down so we could see what we living in there. So far we have found lizards, Black Widow Spiders and Fire Ants. Today we cut down all the grass around the house. Gummy (pronounced Goomy) is an experienced palm tree trimmer. We have 4 palm trees that were in need of attention and after Gummy was done with them they looked amazing. We also have a fig tree, a lime tree, and mango tree. The mango's and the limes are ripe now and taste really good. Clarissa has been making limeaide which is a treat.

This evening another team arrived at the mission for a weekedn retreat. Our cook Marilyn was in need of extra help in the kitchen and Clarissa qualified for the position. OH YEAH!!! Marilyn is possibly the best...I mean the best Mexican cook I know. It sounds like Clarissa will have the opportunity to spend alot of time with her in the kitchen. Tonight she prepare taco soup, amazing.

I'm so glad for all the friend that we have made and for their willingness to walk along side us as we learn all the ins and outs of San Carlos and Guaymas. Most of my guy friends are all younger than me which is good. I've been told that I act to old for may age and that I need to enjoy life more and these guys will definetly have an impact. I have learned that the Mexican are very competative and they are always competing at something. If it's not soccor its foot races, chin ups, arm wrestling, (I won that one) or trampoline tricks. It doesn't matter how old, they all love to have fun. Apparently I am going along with them next time they go cliff jumping into the ocean . Great???

Thanks again to all those that are remembering us in their prayers. We are adjusting but I know there are moments that the boys are struggling. Please pray for them specifically.

Blessing to you all

P.S. The temp today was arounf 30-33 degrees + humidity. Its actually comfortable but apparently the heat is on its way.

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  1. I love to hear about what your family is doing, especially having been there. Glad you got the critters cleaned up - it would not be pleasant to have some of these creepies in your house. Brian, hope you continue to enjoy your new food experiences - you are braver than I would be. I am somewhat afraid of strange "meats". Clarissa, so glad you are helping Marilyn in the kitchen, I know how busy that can be. And Cole and Mason, you guys are troopers - enjoy your new friends and surroundings and stay safe! Cole - I expect to see some awesome pictures you have taken. This is my prayer for your family today (it was in my daily prayer book for today, July 6):
    "Today, help me to enjoy life as it unfolds - to live to the fullest in each hour, and to relish the sheer wonder of Your grace and goodness. Open my eyes so that I may see Your glory in the people and opportunities You give me. Unstop the ears of my heart so that I may hear Your guidance. Release my will from the bondage of my selfish attitudes so that I can act on what You have called me to do. And replenish my physical strength so that I can have resiliency for each challenge."
    May the Lord continue to bless and protect you.