Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Hot Day in San Carlos

Greeting all, I hope you are well. Today was another productive day considering that it was over 30 degrees before lunch. Not sure how hot it got today but it was a bit more intence.
We had another real good day of yard work. I have had 3 Mexican amigos and myself working at it and we are finally getting somwhere. Maybe tomorrow it will be done. Did I mention that we found a tranchella yet? Well if not, I did. And to top it off, tonight when we got home we found a black widow spider living under our patio chair. That actually gets me frustrated. Tomorrow I am going to have to do somthing about all the bugs. I hate going to bed at night knowing they are hangnig around.
We tackled grocery shopping on our own. Groceries here are expensive!!!! More than at home. We find it really un fair because many laborers are earning $10 - $20 per day and groceries are insane. We spent 200 and didn't leave with much. It's so sad.
We went to bible study this evening in Fatima. It was really great. They have Bible memory verses for everyone and they say their versed out load to the congregation. Even the adults. It was kind of neat, they strive to memorize their bibles. Also had supper with P.Rapheal again. We had sandwiches with the left over meat from last time. Oh, and don't forget the Mexican coke! We showed P. Rapheal pictures of our family and home as well as WMBC. I told him I would take him back to Canada with me this January so he can meet all of you and experience the cold. He thought it would be a great idea. Maybe somthing to pray about?
Well got to go, thanks for checking in on us. We have been trying to upload picture to the blog without success. For some reason its not working. As soon as we can we will have you some pictures to look at.
See You

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  1. I was wondering when you would mention the Mexican Coke :) But finding tarantulas - not so much fun... hope you can clean up your critter problem soon. I think it would be great to have Rafael and Maricela experience our winter! Look forward to reading your updates. Take care