Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mucho Calor!!

I sure enjoy sharing our weather with you all back home! No matter where you are, it's just plain hot! (calor) We are getting storm clouds in and we're told it's going to rain! (I am a little excited, I have missed having rain days.)
As we spend more time with P. Raphael and Marisela we are learning more and more about their area. Allan (the thiefs son, for those who have been told of this family from the January trip) had stopped last night, I'm not really sure why. But we found out that he had parisites and was unable to eat. We asked what they do for him. He needed to see the doctor and get a perscription to get rid of them. It all costs money, and money that Allan's family doesn't have. (25 pesos to see the doctor, plus the perscription. $2.50 canadian to see the doctor plus the perscription.) We asked what happened when the family couldn't afford to get help. We were informed that 2 boys around the age of 7-9 had died last year. The fact that they have trouble eating, when they already only receive 1 meal a day is not good. Today Brian and P.Raphael took Allan in to receive the attention he needed.
We have also been seeing P.Raphael handing out food hampers to the people who come to his door in need of food. We inquired about how often they come, and he told us always. And he will always give them food to eat. Any extra money we have, we want to make sure that it goes to the needs of this area. To have food supply for food hampers. When there is medical attention needed, we want it to be possible for them to seek that attention. So I thank all of you for the support that you have given us financially. There is a reason that we have over exceeded our goals in funds, it's because it's for this community.
The last two days have been hard for me emotionally. I'm missing you all back home, and our "norm". This evening was Bible study at P.R's church and I wasn't pumped to go. But God met me there through their worship, and I don't know why it amazes me, but it was great to be comforted with praise and worship that wasn't in english. :) Also tomorrow is another day, and it will be good. Thanks so much for your prayers, and Dios te Bendiga!!

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