Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm writing as 2011 is coming to a close. 29 minutes left. Our year started off in Mexico. Back in January we came with a team from our Church wanting experience in serving in Ministry full time. We had no idea that our trip in January would eventually lead to us moving our family to Mexico to work along side Koenes Ministries and Pastor Rafael.
I'm not sure how to express the "roller coaster" ride it has been. Our year started with a high but also had many lows. Moving forward with the decision to "go" was the biggest act of faith I have ever made and was also the hardest thing I have ever done. I fought the feeling and the desires to be involved in ministry for many years but for whatever reason I could never get the thoughts out of my head. They always haunted me. I'm so glad that God brought me to a point in my life back in 2009 that I recognized that the hauntings would never stop and I'm so glad that He never gave up on me. Even though I fought Him about it and even though I ignored Him for so long He never gave up.
2011 has been the hardest year of my life in many ways. But 2011 has also been the absolute most rewarding. We saw God in action this year! It is such a privilege to be working here, and even though it is difficult to be away from our families, I know without a doubt we have made an impact on many children and families. An impact that will last for eternity.
2012 is almost here. I believe God has awesome things in mind! One of which is the birth of my daughter. I can hardly wait to see how this year unfolds.
God Bless you all in 2012. My prayer for all of you this year is that God will meet you wherever you are at in your spiritual journey and that He will walk with you a ways. I pray that at the end of 2012 you will be changed and I pray that if you don't have a relationship with Christ, that you will.
Happy New Year!

PS. A special hi to Shayla, Bryer, Joe, Chalice, Coden, and little Hanna. I miss you and Love you very much.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!! part 2

With Backpacks to be packed and villages to visit. Our time on the bus felt like a daily thing to do. :) The kids loved it so it wasn't them who grumbled when the roads got rough. :) One of my favorite villages is the fishing village that we visited. (That's where I had my 20 week picture taken.) It was fun to walk through and taste their food and watch them at work. Sting rays were in season so the boys got to watch them be filleted. Brian also stepped out of his comfort zone and had lime cooked scallops and shrimp. :) (He actually liked it.)

Christmas Eve was the Fatima community Christmas lunch. The cooks as the mission center had been preparing the food all week for this event. There was singing done by the kids from the kids program, two "dramas" done by the older kids which they did ssooo well. And of course, pinata's to whack. lol. If you look closely, you'll see Cole and Mason waiting patiently in line. The lines were ssooo long!! Over time, the boys gave up and decided to wait with me. :) We were pleased with the out-come of the people who arrived. To see some of the kids standing with their family's, I think you back home know how good it is to meet the parents of the kids you are involved with. :) It was sad to see that little Alexandro's mom was not at the program. So guess who willingly jumped in!! (Cole and Mason just love little Alex like crazy!) Daniela (the older sister) has captured my heart as well. I love working with her as a "parental" team. We have built a relationship of trust, and her heart is a treasure.
Christmas day was a great day for us all. It was a day to just relax! The boys had their new toys to play with, and Brian and I could catch up on our sleep!! Also calling home and being able to connect with family was the icing on the top! Our neighbor back home (Ike) was out early with his girls and we all went out for Christmas lunch at Pollo Feliz! No need to cook for me. :) (Actually that has become a norm for me. lol) Last night was our mission family's supper with all the classics. (The picture with people on the couch) It was good once again to just be one more day before the next group comes in. (Looking forward to your arrival Bethal Church!)

Baby News: All is well with the little one. :) I believe coming home helped me out with my weight gain. :) (What can I say, the food back home is really good!) We had Juan Carlos with us the last appointment to help translate. The previous appointment my doctor had given me a prescription that I was to bring to my december appointment that he could inject. I didn't know what it was until now. He wants me to have a tetnis shot. I informed him that it wouldn't be necessary because I am up to date on my boosters. Well, this one is for the baby. (?!?) In my mind I'm thinking that from my past experiences, while I'm pregnant is the worst time to be taking any kind of shots of this kind. So the next appointment I'm going to have to tell him "no". (Which I'm finding that the men here don't like to hear.) Also we were shown the private hospital that I will be having this little one. It is a small catholic hospital. I am currently working on making sure that Brian can be in the room when the baby is born. (One little step at a time.) :) Oh yes, we found out what the little one will be, It's a girl!!

God bless,

Merry Christmas!! part 1

This month of December has been one to remember!! It was so good for us to be able to come home and connect with family again, and it turned out to be a good break for Cole from school. When he went back to school, he realized he had a best friend here. :) His name is Elly and it turns out that he lives just a block away!!
I was able to experience a Christmas party/program with Cole and his class. The picture on the top right with Cole and his class as they wait their turn to do a song and dance. Each class does one or two songs and than their finished!! Also it is not a quiet program. :) There is a constant hum among the crowd and kids. There were pinata's hanging every where with kids busy giving their best effort to brake through the pinata. There was lots of food, which each class could pick what they wanted. Cole's class had the choice of pizza or meat tacos. (Pizza was the hot item this year!)
Brian's birthday was on the 16th, and it was great to celebrate it with the Sawatzky family. We were all treated to our favorite chicken eat-out place with rotisserie chicken. Oh, and don't forget the homemade carrot cake. (It was still warm) Yummy! This was the start of the celebrations over the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is so good to be back.....

This evening was our first program since we got home from our visit to Canada. We arrived at PR house this evening to find most of the kids there already. I could not believe the excitement in their little faces as we got out of the truck. The children bombarded us! I think I almost got trampled! LOL. If it wasn't for the truck behind me they would have pushed me over. With my back pushed right up against the truck and surrounded by a crowd of crazy Mexican children I began greeting them one by one, picking them up in my arms with big hugs and many kisses on the cheek. After putting them down they got back in line and we went through the process again. I had absolutely no idea the welcome home we would receive from our kids in Fatima but this evening was one of those that made this whole experience worth it. I'll never forget all their little voices calling out our names, begging for a little affection. This journey has been the hardest thing we have ever attempted but at the same time is the most rewarding. I'm so glad that God is using us here, it is an absolute privilage to be involved in this Ministry and tonight was awesome! Children feel love and they are showing love to others. Its what this whole thing is all about.
It is so good to be back!


Ohhh and another HUGE breakthrough!!!! Remember the thief and his family we talked to you about? Guess what? The father was arrested and if I understand right will be in prison for at least a year. On top of that the family moved to a different part of the city about a month ago. This was really discouraging for us as we have spent piles of time working with their children. Well, the mom has been bringing the children to the program via bus because the kids don't want to miss out. Cool hey! On top of that, this evening she stayed and watched, she was singing along to our songs and also helped us serve the children supper! Better yet PR is picking her and her family up for church this Sunday! PRAISE THE LORD! Pray that she will come to know Christ and that her life would be totally transformed. This would be a HUGE breakthrough for us. If there has ever been a family here that I thought was unreachable, I would have chose this one.