Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Group Presentation # 1

Last night was our first opportunity to share our story personally with a small group from our church. As it was our first presentation so we were a bit nervous but I have to say that the warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere quickly set the mood for a great evening. Already God has blessed us in this venture as we have been forced us out of our comfort zones resulting in new relationships.
We want to extend a Big Thank You to last night host and group for taking the time to hang out with us. We left encouraged and once again affirmed that God is in control and guiding the way.



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome, we are glad you stopped by… Let’s get Started!

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. We look forward to sharing how God is preparing us for the trip down to Mexico, as well as how he is putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Every day we are faced with decisions to make and things to get done. Our minds are constantly thinking of Mexico and what needs to happen in order to get there. This is a fun and exciting time of our journey but it can also be a stressful time as well. We experience days of encouragement and affirmation but those days also come with days of attack and frustration. OUR FAMILY NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS! We have already felt the attack from the enemy as a couple. Since January (when we got back from Mexico) we have experienced health issues, financial attacks, discouragement as well as Spiritual lulls. God has been very busy putting His plan together but Satan has been equally as busy trying to destroy it so please remember us in your Prayers.
We have put our house on the market so please pray for us that God will give us direction to help us make the right decision regarding the sale. Although the house is for sale, financially it would make much more sense for us to have a good renter in the house while we are away. Please pray that God would show himself in this situation and that the right decision would be made so that His will would be done. Currently there are 2 fairly large details that can delay our plans to leave. At this point the house is the 2nd thing that would hold us back from leaving in June so we trust that God will continue to affirm us and that he will help us out in this situation.
Our other main area of focus right now is raising enough support to go. We have several different reasons for wanting to arrive in Mexico in July. Arriving in July allows us a solid 4 months of culture and language training while things in Mexico are a bit slow. In November, teams will start to arrive as the next project will be underway and things start to get crazy. We have started to approach small groups from our church as we want to have a large Prayer support base but we also need people, organizations, and companies that are interested in partnering with us in this venture. We have been affirmed in this call by the many people including the Pastor in Mexico along with Koenes Ministries whom we will be working for as well as our home church Pastoral staff and mission committee. I believe that God will speak into the hearts of those that he has chosen to be involved financially in this mission. Although we are willing to leave and Go, we cannot do it without help so if God has nudged you to be involved please make it a matter of prayer. Also, please feel free to call or email us if you’re interested. We would love to make arrangements to visit with you and answer any questions you may have regarding our ministry. Please feel no obligation from our behalf, the decision to support this ministry financially is a decision between you and God and we trust that God will provide and follow this thing through. Koenes Ministries has provided us a budget for the year. We are expected to raise $24, 000.00 + $1000.00 for travel expenses to get there. ($2000.00 per month) Currently we have 30% raised in support with only 2 months left before we pack the van so as you can see, we have some ground to cover. This amount covers our housing, living expenses, fuel, and a trip home in one year.
An equally important item of prayer is the welfare of our family. Pray that God will continue to provide courage, and that he will surround us with protection from the attacks we have been experiencing. Pray that we will be drawn to each other so that we can be strong when we need to be. Also pray for safety as we enter a world that we don’t understand and a world that is very different than what we have been brought up in. Although the general location we are going to has experienced little issues, we are going to Mexico and we have no idea what to expect.
We will continue to keep you filled in, thanks for dropping in and we hope that through this ministry you will find yourself encouraged and blessed. We are very excited to start this journey and can’t wait to share with you what is going on down south. I pray that our story will have an impact on your life and that God will be honored and glorified as we work together in furthering his Kingdom.
Blessings to you and yours,