Monday, January 16, 2012

January 2012

It sure feels like we have gotten over the hill of adjustment and settling in. Especially my boys. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to the easy sailing on the other side of this mountain. :) Cole and Mason are doing so well in school and with the groups that come down. Cole has a best friend that I've mentioned previously that is so much fun. Mason has buddies at school that he loves to be with, and a cute american girl that just thinks he is the best. They have had the same teacher through the school year so far. (In the school that our friends have put their child, they are on their fourth teacher.) They love the Sunday School they attend at the american church. Yes, Mexico is becoming more like home. :)
We are happy to see the arrival of our neighbors. :) (Ted and Maddie) We find them just fun as who they are, and much appreciate their wisdom and insight in life. They really are a little piece of home.
The food program has been hitting a consistent 100+ the last couple of programs. It is great to see this outcome, but is also is making obvious where we need to strengthen the program to be able to handle this amount of kids properly. So our biggest prayer is for teachers!! We have reached another goal we had for the food program, and this one is where there are local people who have been offering to help with the cooking. (yeah!) So this thursday will be the first program where this step will start. So this means that we just need to discuss what is on the menu, purchase the food and deliver it to P.Rafael's home. :) :) :) I am just so pumped to see women offering their services in this way.

We are on our second team from the Winkler area. The Bethal Church had shown up shortly after Christmas, (there is a picture on top with some of them playing duck, duck goose, as well as one where Mason is being assisted with the logics blocks) and we currently have a team from the Vineyard Church. It has been good to see family's show up and too watch them take Mexico in. Right now, there are 6 children from the age of 8 and under. (Not including my boys.) It is refreshing to not be in an adult only world. :) The two youngest are around 1 and it is a good reminder for me on what the next year will be like!! (Lots of naps.)

Baby and I are doing well. I now feel ready for her arrival. (We spent a weekend in Tuscan to insure this. lol) Next week monday is my next check up with Dr. Chavez, it'll be fun to see how my little one has grown. :) The last appointment Dr.Chavez told me that my baby was 2 lbs. lol I don't think so!

God bless!!