Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Endings

Hi there,
I wanted to give you all a little update on one of our little men that attend the feeding program. His name is Saul. On Thursday night, he some how managed to get his left hand crushed between a couple boulders. He was taken to the hospital where they thought that they would have to amputate his index finger at a minimum but were expecting that they would have to amputate his remaining 3 fingers on that hand as well. I went to see him in the Hospital last night and we had an awesome surprise. None of his fingers will need to be removed. His hand is looking good, he is getting movement back slowly other than the one finger that is badly broken it looks like everything will turn out okay. We praise God that Saul is okay and that he was all smiles today when I went to see him. We can't wait to see him come home and hang out with us again.

Oh and just so you know, don't wear shorts to the Hospital in Mexico. I got kicked out by security! LOL

Trust you are all well, we are pumped for a happy ending!


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