Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The medical team has come and gone....

What a busy time!! Brian and I weren't even involved with this team and we felt exhausted at the end of each day. lol It blows me away how many people they can gave medical attention to in a couple of hours. Also just seeing how they have it set up so it moves smoothly! It has deepened my appreciation for the medical care back home as well as any one in the medical profession that gives some of their time to help others in other countries. Big Thank-you!! I also can't forget the people who support these teams. :)
During this medical week, DIF (social services) had taken the time to take a look into the food program in Fatima. (!!) They set up a clothes and shoe hand-out for the community in the church. (Already God has used His building numerous times for the community!!) They also took the time to talk to Brian and P.Raphael about the program and how they wanted to help. We hope that the promise to supply beans is a promise that they are able to keep.
Also P.Raphael is seeing the need to set up food programs like his in other areas of the city. We are finding that there are people who are requesting it, and are interested in running a program. Along with this we have connected with missionaries Brian and Shelley from Hermosillo that have kids club curriculum's that work well with large groups of children. Plus helps Maricela design her own. :) We had all met together in Hermosillo on Monday, and seeing P.Raphael and Maricela come out excited for this help, is precious. I also wanted to put out there that if any of you have left over crafting flannel (felt is another name for it) or material that you would be willing to donate to the kids club, we would appreciate it!! Our home church is sending a team down over spring break, and we also have friends coming down in a week that have room to bring some supplies down. Let's make the middle man Winkler MB office for drop off and pick up. :)


This picture was taken on Valentine's Day during our walk to the oasis. Cole is proudly leading the way and Mason is courageously protecting us with his broomstick sword. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 2012

We sure do miss our family in every sense of the word back home, we sure have experienced a family community here. Last week was a hard week both emotionally and spiritually. Because we didn't want to put the other party in a bad light, this wasn't shared with anyone. God was faithful to us and our hurt and surrounded us with people who did not realize that God was using them to shower His love on us during this difficult time. What a lovely place to be. Any of you that have had us on your mind and have sent up a prayer....thank-you. Your prayers have done great battle and we felt it. Thank-you for your faithfulness. This is where I don't like it that you are way out in Canada and I'm here. I would love to be able to sit down with you and talk face to face. I look forward to summer when I am able to this very thing. (I sure hope you will have a summer by they sounds of how your winter is going......who knows.)

We've decided to put Cole and Mason into the Tae Kwon do class that is offered at the local gym. lol They go three days a week and are liking it. Mason calls it kicking class. :) We are also looking forward to using the gym heated pool. Mason had learned to swim in the summer months and I want to encourage both in their swimming and what an easy way to do it. :) As the locals say, my belly is big. (Thanks lol) Baby is healthy and growing, and sure moves a lot. I would love to have a live in massage therapist, Brian is offering 100 pesos to anyone who is willing to rub my back. lol Would someone back home tell him that it's his job?! lol
My picture on top is of Cole and Mason using my blood pressure machine. When I take it out to use, they are eager to get their "muscle's pumped up" as well. lol Mason is helping Cole with the reading of the monitor.

Ted and Maddie have been great with putting their pictures on their picasa web album and if you are interested in seeing a whole lot of pictures of the going ons here send Ted an email requesting an invite.

God bless!!