Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One week down.... :)

I'm not sure how I can best explain what it's like to adjust to living differently for a number of times over the last full year.  Even though we've lived here for months before, we have been re-adjusting to what life will be like for us over the next year.  Even then, I know that in a few months time, life will be different then it is now.  Now, the mission center is really quiet.  Soon it will be full of people daily.  Looking even closer at our daily life,  we are needing discipline on our schedule that we need to keep!  It's pretty easy to let things slide, as life just tends to happen.  I need to make sure that Cole gets his schooling done both for the Mexican school, as well as for Canada.  On top of that, Cole doesn't like school!  (I should  clarify, it's the work that he'd rather not do).    A few things that have been a great hand up is that we are able to have help with his Spanish homework.  For the his school, just having your homework done for the next day gives you extra marks.

Leah is growing so fast!  Her hands are grasping what she wants to get a hold of, and she's loving her exersaucer.  She is now rolling over, and she rolls over every chance she gets.  Since we have no easy access to a bath tub, Leah has been joining us for her showers.  We are happy to say that she likes them, even though the water isn't really warm. (the water is air temperature).  Today I filled a larger plastic container so that she could sit and enjoy the water for a change.  I'm hoping to take her and the boys to the pool this week, so we can enjoy the heat without all the sticky sweat.

Brian has been busy getting everything  lined up  for the next year.  He's been searching for a Spanish teacher who is around right now to give him a jump start on his lessons.  He currently has his office at Jax Snax for his studies.  Which I'm a little envious of. :).

The kids program has been doing well.  There are new faces in the kitchen and the program has now settled with a core group of kids.  There is about 60 that make this core.  Absalon has been leading the singing, but he has been working on getting a kids worship team together.  He has asked Cole if he would be apart of this group.  Cole is super pumped, he has missed playing his guitar.  We will see how this will unfold.

God bless, and we miss you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our travel home

Eight days we drove to reach home in San Carlos, Mexico. I was pleasantly surprised how well we all traveled. (Leah especially.). We first headed to Montana to have a quick visit at the Art & Brenda's home. It was a wonderful surprise to be able to have a chat with Ittzy and Juan as well. We packed our camping gear so we could freely take our time on our way down. We stopped at a KOA'S, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you stay in one of their cabins. I love that almost ever KOA has a pool.
We stopped at the Lava hot springs to check out their natural hot spring hot tubs and also enjoyed their Olympic size pool with slides. When we drove by this pool excitedly exclaimed " this is my favoritest place I've never seen!!.....well kiss my girlfriend!! ?what?! He seems to come up with some odd liners lol. Also they have a train that goes by every 2 hours that blows its whistle at night. ( one of the joys of camping!) We were very ready to make it to Mexico after this. Mason had asked everyday "is this Mexico?" Brian and I were ready to say yes to this daily question. Needless to say, our last 3 days we pushed a little harder.
Sunday when we crossed the border, we were greeted at the visa office with 3 of the popular things Mexico has to offer. Squeegee men, someone else trying to sell us their goods, and another asking for money for their family member that has cancer. Also while going through Hermosillo, a nice reminder of one of their traffic laws. How to make a left turn at the light. ( you turn from the lane second to the left.) But none the less we made it home by 5:30. We managed to get a little settled and make it to the Sunday evening service in Fatima. It doesn't feel like we had left. (besides the mission center being so very quiet). So my day today as been solely nesting in our home. Brian even commented that we could fit 5 in our camper. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello Family & Friends

Well our time here in Manitoba is quickly coming to an end. We have determined that our departure date will be on August 12. We are very excited to get back down to Mexico and back to somewhat of a normal life again. As we prepare we ask that you please pray that God would provide the remaining amount of support that is needed. We are a bit further away from the mark than I would like to be. Having said that we have also seen God pull off some small miracles so there is no doubt in our mind that we are on the right track. He will provide it in His time, its just time for me to be patient.
We thank you for remembering us in your prayers and ask that you pray for our financials, for our family as we finish up odds and ends and also for us and our families as the time to say good by is just around the corner.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
God Bless