Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our travel home

Eight days we drove to reach home in San Carlos, Mexico. I was pleasantly surprised how well we all traveled. (Leah especially.). We first headed to Montana to have a quick visit at the Art & Brenda's home. It was a wonderful surprise to be able to have a chat with Ittzy and Juan as well. We packed our camping gear so we could freely take our time on our way down. We stopped at a KOA'S, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you stay in one of their cabins. I love that almost ever KOA has a pool.
We stopped at the Lava hot springs to check out their natural hot spring hot tubs and also enjoyed their Olympic size pool with slides. When we drove by this pool excitedly exclaimed " this is my favoritest place I've never seen!!.....well kiss my girlfriend!! ?what?! He seems to come up with some odd liners lol. Also they have a train that goes by every 2 hours that blows its whistle at night. ( one of the joys of camping!) We were very ready to make it to Mexico after this. Mason had asked everyday "is this Mexico?" Brian and I were ready to say yes to this daily question. Needless to say, our last 3 days we pushed a little harder.
Sunday when we crossed the border, we were greeted at the visa office with 3 of the popular things Mexico has to offer. Squeegee men, someone else trying to sell us their goods, and another asking for money for their family member that has cancer. Also while going through Hermosillo, a nice reminder of one of their traffic laws. How to make a left turn at the light. ( you turn from the lane second to the left.) But none the less we made it home by 5:30. We managed to get a little settled and make it to the Sunday evening service in Fatima. It doesn't feel like we had left. (besides the mission center being so very quiet). So my day today as been solely nesting in our home. Brian even commented that we could fit 5 in our camper. :)

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