Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One week down.... :)

I'm not sure how I can best explain what it's like to adjust to living differently for a number of times over the last full year.  Even though we've lived here for months before, we have been re-adjusting to what life will be like for us over the next year.  Even then, I know that in a few months time, life will be different then it is now.  Now, the mission center is really quiet.  Soon it will be full of people daily.  Looking even closer at our daily life,  we are needing discipline on our schedule that we need to keep!  It's pretty easy to let things slide, as life just tends to happen.  I need to make sure that Cole gets his schooling done both for the Mexican school, as well as for Canada.  On top of that, Cole doesn't like school!  (I should  clarify, it's the work that he'd rather not do).    A few things that have been a great hand up is that we are able to have help with his Spanish homework.  For the his school, just having your homework done for the next day gives you extra marks.

Leah is growing so fast!  Her hands are grasping what she wants to get a hold of, and she's loving her exersaucer.  She is now rolling over, and she rolls over every chance she gets.  Since we have no easy access to a bath tub, Leah has been joining us for her showers.  We are happy to say that she likes them, even though the water isn't really warm. (the water is air temperature).  Today I filled a larger plastic container so that she could sit and enjoy the water for a change.  I'm hoping to take her and the boys to the pool this week, so we can enjoy the heat without all the sticky sweat.

Brian has been busy getting everything  lined up  for the next year.  He's been searching for a Spanish teacher who is around right now to give him a jump start on his lessons.  He currently has his office at Jax Snax for his studies.  Which I'm a little envious of. :).

The kids program has been doing well.  There are new faces in the kitchen and the program has now settled with a core group of kids.  There is about 60 that make this core.  Absalon has been leading the singing, but he has been working on getting a kids worship team together.  He has asked Cole if he would be apart of this group.  Cole is super pumped, he has missed playing his guitar.  We will see how this will unfold.

God bless, and we miss you!

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