Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Break my Heart Lord!

Greetings to all of you back home in sunny Manitoba. We think of you guys all the time, especially after we hear the weather updates. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you guys!

I have been spending allot of my time lately working for a Christian Ministry in Guaymas called Agua-y-Mas. It is an organization that is registered with social services that takes in battered women and children. I have found myself spending quite a bit of time there helping out.

I want to take the  opportunity to talk to you about my experience last week. It was a direct answer to my prayers. Last Tuesday I decided to go for a walk and just spend some time with the Lord. I have had allot of things going on lately and have allot of decisions to make. One thing that has really been on my heart is orphans. While walking the beach I asked the Lord to break my heart for the orphans. I'm surrounded by so many little children that are living in less than ideal circumstances. I think I'm almost becoming desensitized. It's horrible. Well this day turned out to be very interesting.

I would like to introduce you to my little friend Yoli. I met her the afternoon of my walk on the beach. After walking I got cleaned up and spent the afternoon over at Aguy-y-Mas. Little did I know there was a special little girl there waiting for me. 

I walked in the door and all the other little children came running over for their hug and kiss and right behind them was this new little face that I had never seen before. I picked her up and she gave me the biggest hug. I asked her name, found out that she was 2 years old and that DIF (Social Services) had dropped her off the afternoon before. Little Joli was happy to be in my arms so I carried  her around as we waited for children's club to begin. 

 During kids club DIF arrived to do a presentation for the children. I had Yoli on my lap. We were busy chatting and playing. I found it interesting that she became very defensive over me. As other children would come sit beside me or reach out for a hug Yoli would slap their hands away or even haul out and kick them. After awhile she was starting to get impatient so one of the ladies came and took her and brought her outside. Well, it was very clear that is not what she wanted. She started to cry and fight as she was brought out. I sat there a few minutes remembering what I had prayed that morning. "Break my heart Lord!" I decided to go outside to see how Loli was doing to hear that she was very upset. A different lady ran over to me and pulled me by the hand telling me I had to come to where Loli was. As I got near  I could hear her crying our for Papa. Surly it wasn't me that she wanted? Was it? Well to my surprise, when I came into view her Papa screams turned into snickers of Papi, Papi. I took her into my arms and she whimpered in my ear crying Papi as I comforted her.

 Obviously the time  came that I had to go home. It wasn't easy saying good bye but it was just one of things. I had to give her over and walk away, Yoli was okay but tears started to fill her eyes when she realized I wasnt going to be staying there with her. I had to just turn my back and walk away.
I visit Agua-Y-Mas almost daily. Each day the same, little Yoli would come running around the corner calling out for Papi. She got her hug and kiss and than ran off to go play. She would come over every now and then and I would hold her for awhile and then she would run off.

Well this morning was different. As I pulled up to the yard I saw Fabiola and Yoli (photo Above) standing outside. Both in tears. I found out that Yoli's Grandma had been found and that social services were on the way over to pick her up. It was a sad morning over at Agua-y-Mas but we all knew that this was the best thing for her. Poor Fabiola had become quite attached to Yoli and found it most difficult. DIF arrived with the release document, picked her up and off they went. All we can do now for her is pray and trust the Lord for her safety and protection.

Today I found out little Yoli's story. Today I found out that her name is not actually Yoli, her name was Daniela. She was brought to the DIF office by a stranger that had found her alone. DIF had no idea of who she was or even if she was from Guaymas? Today we learned that Yoli has two siblings, both older than her living with her Grandma. Her mom lives with Grandma off and on and is a drug addict. Well last week her mom took Loli up town to pick up some groceries at a near store. She never returned home. We found out that the mom had left Yoli on the street, hopped on a bus and disappeared. The Grandparents are sad because they had no idea what happened. All they knew is they did know where they went. By the grace of God Yoli was reunited with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm so glad that Agua-y-Mas was there to love her for the time she was separated from her family. I am also glad that God answered my prayer on the beach. Who would have thought that very afternoon I had an appointment to meet sweat little Loli!