Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweet Leah is One!

Sweet Leah is one of my favorite blessings that God has given us.  She is quite the character, and she has only reveiled what she is able at such a early age!!  But what we do know about her, we want to share. :) First off, she LOVES animals.  If there is an animal in her view, that is what she is focused on.  There has been numerous times where I'd try to get her attention to only realize that as long as the dog/cat/bird you name it, is in her view; the animal will have full attention.  I took her along to see the Sea Lion show at the local Dolphinariam, and she was great!!  As I have learned how big her curiousity and love is, I've consciously positioned her in sight of animals.  Here we are on a outting at our beach, and the seagulls are being their normal curious selves.  Great!!  Leah has animals to watch and distract her from wanting to crawl in the ocean. :)
As of lately, Leah is drawn to her brothers when they are sitting at the homework table.  She doesn't understand what they are doing, but all she knows is that she wants to join!!  Cole is a helpful brother who doesn't mind having a distraction from his schooling.  (Who wouldn't have at that age?!)  It's funny to watch, as she wants whatever writting utensil he is using, PLUS all the markers.
Leah has been figuring out how to play with dolls.  She loves Mason's Toy Story dolls.  Why?  Because they talk when you pull the string!!  It is one of the many easy ways to get a smile out of her.  The funny thing about how she holds them is by their neck.  I'm not sure why, but I'm wondering if it's because that's how she can make them look like their dancing, just like mommy makes them dance.  When she plays, she loves to have toys that use fine motor skills.  She loves to sit with her books and turn pages, she loves to try to open plastic bags with items in it.  She loves to figure out and pull apart the boys lego.  She loves their lego train!!  I don't know why, but her favorite place to play is in our fire place. (?!?)  My guess is that because it's a step up, or that it's kinda it's own room? 
  Leah is the most playful when she is on the couch with Brian or I, or in our bed with us.  She likes to show us how she can stand on her own, and of course she puts up her arms like she's on a roller coaster ride! lol 
   We have started teaching her sign language for the last 2 months to help her communicate in a different way then screaming.  Our favorite one is her "all done".  She both signs and says it.  Just today I was laying with her on our bed, trying to get her to rest with me.  She played along for a couple of minutes, but then she'd turn to me and both said and signed "all done"! 
The weeks before Leah's birthday, I stressed about how we were going to celebrate.  The tradition here is that there is a huge party with a pinata, cake, music and food.  Everyone comes!!  Oh, don't forget the decorations and center pieces!!  I was concerned about who all from Fatima would show up, because I really don't know how many that would be.  As her day was drawing near, I was freaking out.  I couldn't hand out invitations that would invited only certain people, because the ones not invited would be upset.  So I had a great chat with my study girls, and I received some great advice.  The people will less likely be offended if no one is invited at all!!  Wonderful!!  I wanted something small, and with people who love Leah.  So Brian and I decided we were having a family day away at the Zoo.  :)  We invited Cristian. (He is like family.)  Off we went!!  We headed for the Hermosillo Zoo.  We showed up, and we shortly found out that the zoo was closed to the public.  Ford was having a family day for their workers. :(  I was disappointed, but then the Ford representative stepped forward and invited us to join. (!!)  His finishing comment was "Buy a Ford", LOL  So we were blessed with free admission from Ford!! (Buy a Ford!!) 
    We spent 3 1/2 hours touring the Zoo, and we had hit the spot for Leah.  She loved the hippos, who quite honestly weren't doing anything but sleeping in the water.  This is a picture of her taking it in.  We also went on a Safari tour, and the people were given carrots to feed the animals.  Again, another hit for her! 
We decided to go out for supper at Applebee's.  It's has always been a treat for Brian and I, and we rarely take the kids in with us.  So you can probably guess how many times we have actually gone in the last couple of years.  It was such a blessing that we were the  only ones there. (Or it felt like it.  There was one other 1 child family that got a good Krahn show.)  When we got our food, the floor manager approached me and informed me of another female waited that would LOVE to hold Leah while I ate. (!!!)  For real!!  You bet!  So I got Leah fed and brought her over to the waitress that was eyeing Leah.  This is the best Birthday ever!!  The waitress played with Leah (in eye sight) while I enjoyed my meal.  And get this, they had a kid corner where there would have been the waiting area.  It was all windowed in, and there were 7 TV's in it!!  They had 5 x-box's and 2 movie tv's.  (wow, I'm getting a little distracted.)
  Each day that God has blessed us with Leah, our love for her has grown more and more.  She is our sweetheart that easily smiles, loves to explore and check out her little world God has given her.  You will often find her on my left arm while I'm preparing our meals.  Already with her baby doll, she acts out care to the doll.  I thought this last year was great.  I am looking forward to what the next year reveal about our Sweet Leah.