Thursday, June 30, 2011

We've reached Arizona

Yesterday we spent the day in Denver City enjoying what they have to offer. We went to the denver zoo, and loved it! It is a beautiful zoo to see. By 1:00pm the day was getting hot and took advantage of the hotel outdoor pool. While driving back to the hotel, Brian and I were just commenting that our coffee was probably still hot. It was! So on our way back we finished the rest of our coffe in our to-go cups. That was a first for me. The evening we watched the rockies get beat by the white socks. :(

Today was a travel day. We just arrived at our hotel at 10:30. Taking into account how long we were in the truck, we did fairly well. (I did surprising well!) So we drove as long as possible. Tomorrow we plan to reach Tuscan earlier in the day so that we have a good part of the day to have fun. (And be out of the truck!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Destination - Denver, Colorado

We are happy to say that it's hot, hot, hot outside today. I have a tan line on my leg from the sun shining through the truck window all day! With having a few extra hours today for traveling, we took the time to take two stops along the way. We happened by a rainbow trout fishing pond, where you catch a fish with in 5 minutes. Mason didn't have the patience for that kind of fishing. :) We as well stopped by Mount Rushmore. The scenery was beautiful today with all the mountains, forest, water, hills and scenes from the "cars" movie. It definitely helped the fact that we were all together in the truck for hours once again. Please pray for patience for all four of us, as we continue to drive to Mexico.

We found a hotel room. (I believe the last available one in Denver. phew) The boys got to waste some energy in the pool, which we will need to do tomorrow as well. Tomorrow is our "day off". We want to check out the zoo and get a major league game in. I'm thinking if it's going to get hot, the pool is the place to be. Who knows? All I know is that it's going to be a good day for us, and hopefully Brian doesn't have to do too much driving in Denver. (It's not fun.) God Bless my friends/family!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1

Meet Hermy. He is my frog. I received him as a gift from my nieces Shayla and Chalise. They gave it to me as an "inside joke." Chalise found out that I may have a bit of a fear of frogs/toads so they wanted to pull one on me. Chalice loves every little nasty creature she can get her hands on and I know she would love nothing more than to chase uncle Brian around with one. Someone told her I would scream like a girl. Well, the REAL frog jumped out of the gift box before she could give it to me so she will have to hear me scream another time. It's not true, I'm not really afraid of them!!
So, you may see Hermy hanging out with us bit. He is a bit special to me so if you see him in future pictures you know what its all about.

The second phote shows the amount of water in the Devils Lake area, it was crazy!

Today went really well. We crossed the border at Walhalla without a hitch, the truck ran great and the boys were great considering we were on the road 10+ hours today. We arrived in Sturgis SD this evening around 8:30, checked into our room and headed off to Pizza Hut for supper. We are staying at a Super 8. It's not the Hilton that's for sure, could use some TLC. I already received our first phone call from the front desk asking if we had children in the room? Those calls are always awkward. :< Guess the people below us couldn't sleep.

Tomorrow we head out to Denver, it will be a bit of a slower pace and we are looking forward to the scenic drive.

All the best to all of you, we send our love to all our family and friends, we will miss you.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Almost Time.

Well the time has almost come! All the final details have been taken care of. Tomorrow we have to finish up at the house and put a few more things into storage.
We have been staying with my Mom and Dad since Friday. It has been great to spend some extra time with them. This weekend we are celebrating our boys birthday's with both our families and on Sunday afternoon we have our church picnic at the Winkler Bible Camp so time is going to fly. We plan to leave early Monday morning. Our first night on the road will be in Sturgis SD.
We praise God for all our friends and family. You are wonderful and we will miss all of you! If we miss saying good bye to any of you please forgive us. We have been crazy busy and so we have been trying to give our families all the free time that we have. If we don't have the opportunity to touch base with any of you please send us an email so we can chat. We also want to thank each of you that have been praying for us as well as those that have been supporting us with financial support. God has affirmed us in so many ways that we are on the right track. To date we are over budget on the financial end of things. This is so exciting as it allows us to have some extra funds to put towards the food program!

We will keep you current throughout our trip, we look forward to sharing with you. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you might have.

Blessings, Brian