Saturday, August 24, 2013

There is nothing impossible for our God!

Greetings Friends

Another week has come and gone. This week was full of excitement as God showed up again in big ways. It is hard for me to get my head around the unlimited resources that God has and how He is using the community of Winkler to make a huge impact in the city of Guaymas. It is a project that we as a family are truly privileged to to be a part of.
This week we held an information night at the Central Station in Winkler. We hade a great evening of sharing and relationship building. A huge thank you to all those that spent so much time putting the event together. I'd especially like to lift up Jim and Lena Suderman for all the behind the scene work as well as Don Friesen for taking time to share some of his experiences working with Children of Hope over the past years. It is so great to see unity amongst believers here in Winkler. Also a big Thank You to those who came to the info night to hear what is happening in Guaymas. I really appreciate those who took the time out of their schedules to come and listen.
Having said all that, God has provided 30 of the 44 acres that we need sponsored. "PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!" God continues to blow my mind. I do not know where the remaining acres are going to come from but I am praying that they will be committed to before we go home to Mexico in September 9. Please join me in praying for the remaining acres. Please pray that God would continue to put me in contact with those that He has chosen to give to this ministry.

God bless you all. Thanks so much for following our blog and showing interest in our lives. We love you guys and I am starting to realize how difficult it is going to be to leave again. You are all as much a part of this as we are.
I pray for Gods richest blessing for you are your families.



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

God is Alive and Moving!!! Another BIG Response!

Hi Friends

So God has been outstanding this week once again. Everyday He continues to provide. Even as I type this I am emotional at Gods provisions. To date God has blessed us with 13 of the 44 acres. We are almost half way there! It blesses my heart to see all the people partner with us to make a loving home for the children of Mexico. It also blows my mind to see Gods endless provisions. Thanks to all of those who have stepped up to the challenge! Really, thank you so much! And thank you to those who are walking with me in promoting this ministry! I pray God blesses you tremendously! Just today a friend called me and said he was able to come up with 5 acres for the orphanage:) Please continue to pray that God will touch the hearts of those he chooses to partner with and that I would come in contact with them one way or another

Check out this video,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

God Responds in Big Ways!!!!

Hi Everyone, I am trusting that you are well and enjoying your summer!

I am so excited at the way God is moving. We are busy raising awareness for the orphanage and for the purchase of the land we want to buy in Mexico. I am so excited, in the past week God has blessed this ministry tremendously! To date we have received sponsorship for 7 of the 44 acres we are raising money for.
I want to thank each one that has already committed to sponsor and acre of land! What a blessing you are!

Please pray that God would continue to lead me to the people that He chooses to support this project. We are looking for people that are interested in taking the "buy an acre Challenge." If you are interested in helping the orphaned and abandoned in Mexico, please contact me.
Also pray that each child that comes into our lives through this ministry is blessed and ultimately comes to know the Lord. I thank The Lord for each one of you, and for the encouragement and Love that we feel from all our supporters. It is an honour serving in Mexico and representing our amazing community.

Blessing to each of you.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello Friends

Wow, time flies by when your having fun!!!! It is good to be back in Winkler reconnecting with all our friends and family. We have missed you all so much and are excited to continue our visits.
We are doing well, we are booked most evenings with different families and friends. The Winkler cooking has been great! We have also met new people along the way and it is always a blessing to add to the friends list.
I have been sharing in a few different churches which has gone well. I have the Winkler Grace Church booked for Sept 1 for any of you in the area that are interested in coming out to visit. I am also planning a informal information night where I can share a few more details about the plans to buy land for the orphanage and the plans moving forward. Ill keep you advised of that when the details become available.
So, when I say we are having fun, of course building on relationships is always fun, for me anyways, but the real exciting thing that I am having allot of fun with is talking to people about the land we plan to buy. I am so excited at everyones response. We are giving people the opportunity to sponsor an acre of property for the orphanage. Farmers and business people are really liking the challenge! I am finding that they are not only stepping up but they are talking about the challenge to the friends, neighbours and collogues.  If you are interested in getting involved in the acre challenge please let me know. I can explain in more detail. We are looking for individuals, small groups, youth groups, neighbours, friends, etc. Anyone interested in jumping on board with sponsoring an acre so that we can buy and purchase the land this year. This week alone I have had 6 acres sponsored out of the 44 acre plot we are buying! Praise The Lord! If you or anyone you know is interested in getting in on the fun please contact me. I would love to talk on the phone or set up a meeting.
So I ask you to pray that this challenge will be met. I believe all 44 acres will be sponsored!

God's Richest Blessings!!!!!

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