Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming home....

Wow, who says life is boring!!! This last week has thrown us a unexpected curve ball on top of all the business with our home church team. It almost feels weird seeing people from back home here in Mexico. lol But it is ssooo good to have them here with us. Be proud of the team that you sent for they sure have worked hard and on top of it, they have made many friends with the people of Fatima. They have stepped out of their comfort zone and God sure has blessed them for it. :) On Wednesday we received word on what a process it would be in order to bring our daughter home, if she were born here. :( We can get a birth certificate and passport easily. It's the Visa to cross the border with her that is a different story. Here, each citizen needs to apply for a Visa to leave the country. You need to apply, and than go to Mexico City for a interview before receiving it. It can take months before we would even get the Visa. The family we had talked to, had just gone through the process with their son and it had taken 8 months for it all to go through. And their advise was to have the baby in Canada. So we have made the decision to send the boys and I home this Thursday to have her in Canada. Our prayers are that she will wait at least until Friday before she wants to enter this world. :) I am feeling good, and baby is active. I am taking these as signs that she's in no rush! Brian is staying back until the 12th and than he will start driving home, in hope of making it home before she arrives. He's staying back because this all is quite sudden and he wants to set it up for the kids program that they will continue on smoothly while he is gone for a couple of weeks. He plans on flying back for a month or so shortly after our daughter is born. So.....I have been busy trying to get our bags packed, and figure out what needs to come to Canada. We are both happy and sad about leaving so soon, but we know that it's for a time and we'll be back soon. :)
I am super excited to see you all back home and re-connect with you.