Monday, September 3, 2012

Leah, me and the heat

Caring for Leah has been an adjustment to was the norm back home. My biggest concerns are dehydration and heat exposure.  First off, I am so thankful for the access we have to the A/C at the mission center.  With the A/C going in our camper, it would get up to 30-32C in the heat of the day.  Leah did well in the temps, but she also did nurse more than she would have in cooler temps.  So for me, I need to make sure that I'm taking in enough water for the both of us, and then some.  I had wondered if her night feedings would be more frequent, but they haven't.  Leah has taken an interest in food as we've sat down for meals.  She complains if she isn't sitting with us during our meal.   

Leah loves her water!  She's experienced her first shower in Mexico, and she like it.  I'd say that she like bathes more.  We only have access to showers, so I've been trying to figure out how I can give her a bath.  I am thankful for my friend Karen, she gave me a container that is going to work well for bathes.  Even mason is excited. Lol. 

With Leah being a blankie baby, I am so glad that I had found cotton musslin blankets at Target before we had left for mexico.  Single flannel blankets are too warm right now, so the musslin blankets are in constant use.  There are still times where they are even too hot.  I try to keep her exposure to the heat to a minimum, and everyone we encounter have been very accommodating.  I can say that we look forward to when it's cooler.  The little bit of time that Leah is outside, she sure enjoys it.  So come winter, she will be able to be outside all she wants!  

God bless,

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  1. As usual - enjoy reading your updates. Stay safe and keep hydrated! Look forward to the next post. I will send an email soon.