Friday, July 15, 2011

bugs, bugs, and more bugs :P

Hello to all our friends and family back home! We are sure missing you all! Pastor Raphael and his family came over for a visit this afternoon. Which was a nice surprise. (although I was contado.) (tired) It was really good to have them over in the sense that they helped us wage another round of chemical warfare on our yard. We have these bugs that are dangerouse that piggy back on our dog!! They look like filled up ticks. Aparently their bite has killed people around the area. We can do something about it with out dog, there is a vaccine for her to prevent this. But it sure feels like the bugs are out to get us. We thank God that we haven't had any bug bites, except for Cole's fire ant bite. (Which really hurts, you should see these things come out of their ant home when they want to attack!) Plus when Brian was spraying the couches, he found 4 black widows there also. When I think about them all, I get the willies. But through it all, we have been untouched! So I'm busy bleaching the floors daily to prevent them from coming in the house, and the dog is tied up until she will get to see the vet. :)
We've been brain storming and preparing for the food program this last week. We purchased to large thermos drink coolers with the spout to pour the rice juice they feed the kids. Also we purchased to tables so the kids didn't have to squish into the few desks they had or eat on the floor. :) We hoped to build benches for the tables, didn't happen. But we were at P.R's and he had some old simple wood pews on his yard which will work great!! We don't even need to worry about getting the benches built. At least for another week. We hope to buy 2-3 more tables so that all the kids can eat at a table. Each table costs $75, so we are trying to budget accordingly. :) Again I want to say thanks for making this possible for the kids. They are going to be so excited tomorrow! We'll try to get some pictures on the blog. Pray that the uploading goes smoothly! God Bless!

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