Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm so thankful for friends (old and new)

We're living through our first full day in Mexico, and it has been a day of many new ways of living. Everything has a new spin to it. Andy and Jenny have stuck by our sides through the last 24 hours to help us in any way that they can.
To anyone who remembers seeing the pictures of the "rich" houses off the ocean we had taken in January. The funny thing about this picture is I remember saying that I would like to be able to go up to the houses and just see them up close. Well, Andy and Jenny are renting one of these homes! We've driven through the streets a couple of times. I just find it funny. It's great to see how God has blessed them with a rental house that the owner decided to bless them with, with a extreamly low rate. As well as with our house, we're finding that our rent is low for the home we're staying in. God is good.
Please pray for us as we go through normal day to day things. We are learning how to do it all differently, and as well as our language.
Dios te Bendiga!! (God Bless You!) We miss you!

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