Thursday, June 30, 2011

We've reached Arizona

Yesterday we spent the day in Denver City enjoying what they have to offer. We went to the denver zoo, and loved it! It is a beautiful zoo to see. By 1:00pm the day was getting hot and took advantage of the hotel outdoor pool. While driving back to the hotel, Brian and I were just commenting that our coffee was probably still hot. It was! So on our way back we finished the rest of our coffe in our to-go cups. That was a first for me. The evening we watched the rockies get beat by the white socks. :(

Today was a travel day. We just arrived at our hotel at 10:30. Taking into account how long we were in the truck, we did fairly well. (I did surprising well!) So we drove as long as possible. Tomorrow we plan to reach Tuscan earlier in the day so that we have a good part of the day to have fun. (And be out of the truck!)

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  1. I think it's so funny that you are going to Tuscan again... :)

    So happy to hear your travelling is going well. Prayers for safe border crossings and continued protection in travels.