Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1

Meet Hermy. He is my frog. I received him as a gift from my nieces Shayla and Chalise. They gave it to me as an "inside joke." Chalise found out that I may have a bit of a fear of frogs/toads so they wanted to pull one on me. Chalice loves every little nasty creature she can get her hands on and I know she would love nothing more than to chase uncle Brian around with one. Someone told her I would scream like a girl. Well, the REAL frog jumped out of the gift box before she could give it to me so she will have to hear me scream another time. It's not true, I'm not really afraid of them!!
So, you may see Hermy hanging out with us bit. He is a bit special to me so if you see him in future pictures you know what its all about.

The second phote shows the amount of water in the Devils Lake area, it was crazy!

Today went really well. We crossed the border at Walhalla without a hitch, the truck ran great and the boys were great considering we were on the road 10+ hours today. We arrived in Sturgis SD this evening around 8:30, checked into our room and headed off to Pizza Hut for supper. We are staying at a Super 8. It's not the Hilton that's for sure, could use some TLC. I already received our first phone call from the front desk asking if we had children in the room? Those calls are always awkward. :< Guess the people below us couldn't sleep.

Tomorrow we head out to Denver, it will be a bit of a slower pace and we are looking forward to the scenic drive.

All the best to all of you, we send our love to all our family and friends, we will miss you.


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