Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!! part 1

This month of December has been one to remember!! It was so good for us to be able to come home and connect with family again, and it turned out to be a good break for Cole from school. When he went back to school, he realized he had a best friend here. :) His name is Elly and it turns out that he lives just a block away!!
I was able to experience a Christmas party/program with Cole and his class. The picture on the top right with Cole and his class as they wait their turn to do a song and dance. Each class does one or two songs and than their finished!! Also it is not a quiet program. :) There is a constant hum among the crowd and kids. There were pinata's hanging every where with kids busy giving their best effort to brake through the pinata. There was lots of food, which each class could pick what they wanted. Cole's class had the choice of pizza or meat tacos. (Pizza was the hot item this year!)
Brian's birthday was on the 16th, and it was great to celebrate it with the Sawatzky family. We were all treated to our favorite chicken eat-out place with rotisserie chicken. Oh, and don't forget the homemade carrot cake. (It was still warm) Yummy! This was the start of the celebrations over the next couple of weeks.

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