Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is so good to be back.....

This evening was our first program since we got home from our visit to Canada. We arrived at PR house this evening to find most of the kids there already. I could not believe the excitement in their little faces as we got out of the truck. The children bombarded us! I think I almost got trampled! LOL. If it wasn't for the truck behind me they would have pushed me over. With my back pushed right up against the truck and surrounded by a crowd of crazy Mexican children I began greeting them one by one, picking them up in my arms with big hugs and many kisses on the cheek. After putting them down they got back in line and we went through the process again. I had absolutely no idea the welcome home we would receive from our kids in Fatima but this evening was one of those that made this whole experience worth it. I'll never forget all their little voices calling out our names, begging for a little affection. This journey has been the hardest thing we have ever attempted but at the same time is the most rewarding. I'm so glad that God is using us here, it is an absolute privilage to be involved in this Ministry and tonight was awesome! Children feel love and they are showing love to others. Its what this whole thing is all about.
It is so good to be back!


Ohhh and another HUGE breakthrough!!!! Remember the thief and his family we talked to you about? Guess what? The father was arrested and if I understand right will be in prison for at least a year. On top of that the family moved to a different part of the city about a month ago. This was really discouraging for us as we have spent piles of time working with their children. Well, the mom has been bringing the children to the program via bus because the kids don't want to miss out. Cool hey! On top of that, this evening she stayed and watched, she was singing along to our songs and also helped us serve the children supper! Better yet PR is picking her and her family up for church this Sunday! PRAISE THE LORD! Pray that she will come to know Christ and that her life would be totally transformed. This would be a HUGE breakthrough for us. If there has ever been a family here that I thought was unreachable, I would have chose this one.


  1. Wow that is great news! We praise the Lord that you are there impacting the children! You are kingdom builders!!

  2. It is so exciting to hear how lives are being transformed! May God continue to bless your work and protect you from harm.
    I continue to keep you in my prayers.