Friday, August 26, 2011

Start of the new school year

School started this week in the area, as well as for Cole and I. We were on the fence on how we would go about doing school. I liked the idea of putting him in school in the area so that he would learn spanish. But then we would have to do a little of H.Schooling after school to make sure we also are up to Canadian curriculum standards. I also liked the idea of just H.Schooling because we could have time off when family comes to visit. Freedom to spend all our time with family has won! We started school when the rest of the kids started. We've had a week of figuring out how to make our 2-3 hours work to their full potential. I have always had a respect for the teachers in my child's life, but I have an all new respect!! I now see first hand the struggles there are when Cole hasn't had a good nights sleep, also when he struggles with a subject or just plain doesn't like it. Even the effort on the teacher side to make sure that they have a good nights sleep if they will be at their full potential!
I'm also excited that Cole's classmates want to keep contact with him, and I look forward to helping Cole email his friends.

God Bless!!

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