Thursday, August 25, 2011

Close Call

This evening started out to be a normal Thursday evening. We headed off to Guaymas for the programs and arrived there a bit early, it was around 5:30. Marisela, Clarissa and Duelse started their walk gathering all the children for the program as I stayed back with the boys. We were outside when I saw Clarissa and Duelse hurrying back to the house. Clarissa told me I needed to get in the truck and go pick up Erica (13) from her house and get her to the hospital. She was struggling to breath. I rushed over to go and get her and when I arrived she was gasping for air and in tears. We got her in the truck and Maricela, Erica's aunt, her mother and I were off to the Hospital. I drove as fast as I could on the Fatima roads without the truck breaking into pieces and once on the highway sped into Guaymas running stop lights, stop signs and dodging vehicles. We arrived at the Hospital and Erica was barely breathing. Hospital staff took her in imminently as she was unconscious when we arrived. Initially her mother went in with her but after a short time she came to the waiting room in tears. She said that it wasn't good, and that the doctors were working on her. I found out later that Erica had an allergic reaction to Asprin. The doctors managed to stabilizer her and a scary situation turned out okay. We are so thankful that Erica will recover and all will be okay, She is in the hospital for the night but is expected to go home tomorrow.
I cant help but think what would have happened if the girls hadn't gone out for their walk to pic up the kids for the program? The household has no phone or vehicle. They had no one to notify! We are so thankful that Gods timing was perfect this evening. The girls showed up just on time and we got her to the hospital just as Erica dosed off into unconsciousness. We Praise the Lord that everything worked out.

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