Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I miss...

Through the last couple of weeks, the line "I miss" has entered my mind often. There was a day where I felt I could have written a song. lol While talking to my sister about it, she encouraged me to blog it.
I miss dirt.
I miss walking barefoot, and not worrying about critters.
I miss working in dirt.
I miss waking up in the morning and having to check what the weather is like outside. (Here it's a consistent hot.)
I miss seeing big trees with big green leaves.
I miss seeing my family. My nieces and nephews. (Skype is just not the same.)
I miss knowing all the little things that are happening in everyone's lives.
I miss my kitchen, where everything I need is in the cupboards.
I miss flushing the toilet paper down the toilet. (It goes in the garbage here.)
I miss all the relationships that I have been blessed with back home. Especially in the church family. (I miss you guys!!)
I miss being able to just start a conversation without much thought on how I will be able to express what I'm trying to communicate. (I have often wanted to ask someone something, but because I don't know the words for them to understand, I just am quiet.)
I miss a scheduled day, and that everyone around me has a scheduled day.
I miss eating supper before 10:00pm. (This is usually when we are at P.Raphael's home.)
I miss our culture, and understanding it.
I so so miss the women in my life that have pulled me under their wing.
I miss a/c everywhere I go. :)
I miss a pressurized shower. (Right now it literally pours out of a pipe out of the wall. We did put a shower head on, put there wasn't enough pressure to spray out.)
I miss having water come out of the tap every time I turn it on.
I miss seeing animals that are fed.
I miss our gravel roads!
I miss normal driving. (Here, anything goes.)
I miss home.


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  1. Clarissa,
    I miss you!!
    And I would miss these things too if I were in your situation. But even though there are things you miss right now, always remember that our thoughts and prayers are with you and that God is always with you too. Don't know if that helps but it's all I can give right now. Oh wait! Here's an air hug too! Can you feel it?