Monday, December 2, 2013

Ministerio Ancla de Amor

Hi Everyone

It is long over due, its time to sit down and share some of the new and exciting things that are happening down here in Mexico. We are so thankful for the progress so far. Some days it feels like we are always waiting but as we look back over the last two months we can see how God is moving things right along. All in His timing right!

First things first. We have a name! "Ministerio Ancla De Amor" which means Anchor of Love Ministries. We chose this name for numerous reasons. Obviously with our location right on the west coast we thought it would be great to somehow incorporate that into our name. We started thinking of ideas and it came to us that Christ is our Anchor in the time of storm. We want our home to be a safe house, a place of anchorage for all children that are in the middle of life's storm. A place that the can find comfort, security, and peace demonstrated by love. We are so excited to announce that God provided us with a name and a vision for what He wants to take place here in Guaymas.

Also, some more HUGE news! We have Our board of directors in place. God has put together an amazing group of people to bring this vision to life. It is an absolute privilege for me to work along side these folks and already I can see why God chose these people to be a part of this Ministry.

From Left to Right: Agustin, Jesus, Gabriella & Miguel and myself.

Thanks to all of you that have been remembering us in your prayers. We can sure feel them. lease pray that God would give us patience as we continue to wait for all the legalities to come together. Some days it feels like we are not getting anywhere and others it feels like we will never keep up with Gods pace. So, just pray for patience as God finishes with legal side of things.

Many blessings to all of you.:)



  1. LOL the flash was very bright! Strangely only for me though...

  2. Thanks for the update Brian!! It seems that things are moving along just as God has planned. I thought that the picture looked great! Love the background!