Monday, June 3, 2013

Dream Big

Hey Folks, how are you all doing? I trust you are well and enjoying the warmer temps.  Well, an update is long overdue and I hardly know where to start, but here we go!


Over the past two years Clarissa and I have been exposed to the many needs here in our region, particularly the needs of the children, and so we believe that God has laid it on our hearts to construct and develop an orphanage.  God has already started to open numerous doors affirming that this is God's calling for us and we believe this with all our hearts.


In September of 2011 we were heavily involved with the food program in Fatima and it was there that God really spoke to my heart about the possibility of opening an orphanage. I didn't experience any dramatic visions nor was there any climactic experience; it was a simple nudging in my heart, a silent prompting. I shared this with Clarissa and she affirmed the great need for an orphanage, but I think we both had the same thought. What is God up too?


We spent a lot of time praying about it and I knew that if God wanted us to be a part of that journey He would open the doors and lead us into it, and that is exactly what He’s been doing.


After our decision to follow God’s gentle nudging for an orphanage we knew there were some significant steps that needed to be taken.


The first was for me to become a Mexican citizen. I found out that through my Dad’s Mexican Nationality that I was entitled to become a dual citizen of Canada and Mexico. Again, this opens many doors for us personally as well as for the orphanage. I was a bit overwhelmed at the process of applying for my Mexican citizenship but wouldn't you know God had that worked out too! Through a friend I was introduced to a lady who knew the right contacts in Canada and I literally had to do nothing other than mail the documents and I found out a week ago that I am now officially a dual citizen!


A second, fairly critical step in this adventure was to partner with a group or organization that has experience with orphanages.  I was introduced to an organization called "Children of Hope" based out of BC Canada who are very interested in working with us on this project. They bring years of wisdom and advice to the table. Right now I am still in the application process with them, so please pray that this process will go smoothly.


Once I receive the formal documentation for my citizenship I can begin the process of setting up my Mexican charitable status. We are applying for a highly credited status that is greatly respected and with this higher status comes more accountability, such as monthly minutes and yearly audits. We want to run the Orphanage with the highest integrity and transparency, we want our supporters to feel confident in us that their donations are being used as intended and that God is being honoured through it.


Even as I write this letter to you God is moving and opening doors for us in ways I could never even have imagined.


The first tangible order of business is for us is to look at the possibility of purchasing some land for us to build on and through an amazing series of events I will be looking at multiple land options for the orphanage.  When God moves, He really moves!  I can hardly wait to share the stories of how God has begun to make this all possible! 


We believe that God is asking us to trust Him and to dream big!  So we are!  We don’t want this to be just an orphanage, but a safe place where children can learn life skills, like farming, sewing, cooking, taking care of animals, the options seem endless.  We dream of eventually having a school on the property that would offer these children proper schooling in a Christ centered atmosphere.  With God all things are possible!


Please consider how you would like to be a part of this!  This is far bigger than anything we can accomplish alone so we need your help!  We need prayer partners, people who are committed to praying for us continuously!  If you’d like to join our prayer support group please let me know!  We need financial support, whether a one-time gift or ongoing support, it’s all important to God’s kingdom! If you are interested in becoming a financial supporter please contact me and I can walk you through the process!


Our passion is that through this orphanage we will be able to give children that come from hopeless and dark situations into a home where they will feel love and security.  A place where we can equip them with life skills that they will take with them for a brighter future.  A future that offers security, hope and a promise of God’s unfailing love for them.


I f you would like more information about Children of Hope please feel free to look up there website at

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  1. Super excited to see how this all goes! Will definitely be praying for you, as always! :)
    Hope to see you when you're back in Canada for your visit! And Brian, congrats on your citizenship!
    Miss your awesome laugh, Clarissa <3