Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kids, kids everywhere!

The last week has been so good, but also challenging. We all are super excited to have our family/friends along side us for these 10 days. For the mission center this is a new leaf we have turned over. We haven't had such a large group of children, and we are enjoying it. :). My boys fall asleep the minute their head hits the pillow. Lol. But just like everywhere else, there are staff members battling with the flu that seems to be everywhere. Alongside that, tragedy hit Art and Brenda's family which brought them back home to mourn the sudden death of Arts brother-in-law. We are doing well considering that we are under staffed. But then we had another water leak today that seems to suck all the hot water out of the hot water tank! Cold showers are NOT pleasant! So as I am writing this entry, Brian is busy hammering through the boys dorm shower wall and floor trying to find the problem spot. I should maybe include everything else that seemed to go wrong today as well. The new hot water tank that was purchased, turns out to have this huge dent in it, so Brian went up town to purchase another one. And the burgers took forever to cook through! As we are busy trying to fix and fill in where needed, it is such a blessing to hear how God has been touching the heart of the group here. Yesterday night after the American church service, a little girl named Hannah asked Christ to be her Savior. :). Listening to the older children talk about what they have seen at the different out reaches is so worth the stress and craziness lol! Pray for Brian, he has sure filled the leadership role, and even more with our directors going home. The rest that he gets is sufficient, and that he doesn't get sick.

God bless you all!

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  1. Hope you get everything working as it should. Just remember to look after yourselves too! :) Love and prayers, L.