Monday, January 28, 2013

Buenos Noches

Buenos  Noches!

Greeting from Mexico. It has been a long time since I have posted on here. We are involved in so many things and find it so hard to take the time to actually sit down and type out letters. The last few weeks have be crazy busy! It is a difficult balance for me to be in all the places I need to be. I love the work I am involved in here and God has blessed me with great people to work with. On the other hand God has blessed me with a great family that also requires my time and energy. Often I find myself giving the best of me to my work and my family gets the left overs. Its a tough thing for me to balance.

This week has been really great. We have visitors here from Children's Camps. Our Church back home has decided to launch Camps here in our area and as a rep for WMBC I have the privilege to be part of that vision. This week we have seen God begin to form an amazing unity amongst the Pastors in our area. People here are starving for the word, all we have to do is put it in there hands. As in all of our other Evangelical outreaches, it always blows my mind how hungry the people are for Christ. Here, as some of you can attest to, if we give out a tract or a bible people will stop in their tracks and read it right there in front of you. The other day we did a sidewalk outreach and handed out 500+ tracts and do you think that we could find 1 of them laying on the street or in the garbage can at the corner? No not one! At home we could probably go pick up 499 of the 500 afterwards and use them again next time. This week was no different. God is working in Mexico and I believe big things are about to take place.

It has been a privilege for me to get to know and work with my brothers from CCI. Wilf, Henry, John, and Alejandro have been an absolute blessing to me and our area. We have toured them through many different communities and have listened to countless testimonies of people sharing about what Christ has done for them. We have laughed and cried together. The bondage and hopeless situations that God continues to deliver people from blows my mind.

I ask that you please keep our family in your prayers this week. I will be traveling to Cuautamoc with the guys from CCI tomorrow. There we will be meeting with farmers that have the vision of running a harvest for kids fund raiser. Please pray that God's will be done there and that this trip would further His kingdom and that Christ would be honored and Glorified. This trip will expose us to numerous things. First off, a train ride through the Copper Canyon which is apparently the 8th wonder of the world according to Ted Dyck, but is will also expose me to a new culture in Mexico outside of my bubble. This is also the area that my Dad is from. He was born in Cuautamoc and we will actually be passing through the community that he was Born in. I have some family contacts, who knows maybe we will cross paths. It amazes me how small the world is sometimes. While I'm away Clarissa will hold up the fort and take care of the children at home. I know that's not an easy task and so I ask that you especially lift her up in your prayers. I am so thankful for her and the support that she gives me. She is an amazing women, not sure I know too many that would support me the way she does.

I wish you all the best over the next week. Trust you are all keeping well and look forward to updating you on our trip to Cuautamoc.

God Blessings



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