Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pray for us!!!

Hi All
Hope that everyone back home is doing well. We are enjoying the season but I tell you it sure does not feel like November. We are enjoying nice days and cool evenings.
So life here has been good. We are seeing God at work for sure. With the food program we see Him providing just enough to keep us going. We are continuing to feel His presence all the time. This week we went out into the community to hand out hampers and it is just so great to touch base with the people. It is so freeing not to judge them or there lifestyle and just go there and bring them some food, and tell them that Jesus loves them even though they have baggage in their lives. We all have baggage but God forgives it all. We feel the Spirit is moving and hope to see some seeds sprout really soon.
At Casa de Esperanza life is busy too! We have building projects on the go. Teams are arriving and life is BUSY! We are starting to fit in a little more with the family here, although we are still trying to figure out where exactly we fit in. Art and Brenda as well as the rest of the team are awesome and they are stepping back and allowing the Spirit to lead. It's so cool!
One thing that I love about the ministry here as well as in Fatima is that the door is always open. People look to the mission center as a light house and a place of refuge. If they are in trouble or in need they come to us and know that we will do whatever we can to help them. (they think they come for help but we are actually giving them love) Again, we don't judge, we don't frown at them or their stories, we simply show them love and share Christ love and that's what is all about.
We see so many great things happening in the ministry here as well as other ministries in the community but we also sense that the dark forces are equally alive and moving. We sense it here. We all feel constant attacks. Starting at our staff in leadership right down to Cole. We are all feeling it. In talking to other mission organizations here they are sensing the same thing. Satan is alive and trying hard to mess up our teams. Please pray for protection. I know that even as a family we are always under attack and at times out of control. Please pray for Clarissa and I. As leaders in our home we definitely feel that we are being separated. With everything going on it seems hard to communicate and stay on the same page. This adds additional stress and often restless nights. For some reason I thought once we were down here life would become easier. Boy was I wrong! Missions is not joke!!! It's hard!!! So often everything seems out of control and falling apart. Help us stay strong and lean on the truth that when we are weak He is strong but pray God would deliver us from the stress, anxiety, and lies that Satan is trying to distract us with.
Please pray for Koenes Ministries/Casa de Esperanza, the food program as well as the church building project. Each one is a ministry in itself and the work that is happening is really amazing. None of it is possible without people that want to make a difference down here as well as people at home that want to be involved as well. Please pray that God would continue to lay it on the hearts of those he chooses to support these programs. As we are down here and see the work being done I can attest that your prayers and financial support is making a difference in lives and DEFINITELY impacting eternity. We praise God for all our supporters and trust that He will bless all of you. I'm sure at times some of you question whether you contribution really makes a difference but I assure you, you are bringing hope to a world that has none. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
We are looking forward to our visit home at the end of this month. It will be very good for our family to step out of Mexico for a breather. We would love to touch base with everyone that has been a support to us but we realize that it just cant happen. We are booking in time with our families first and then seeing if we can squeeze in some time with friends. Please forgive us in advance if we simply don't have a chance to connect with you but if we cross paths I look forward to touching base.

God Bless you all


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