Friday, November 11, 2011

It has been too long since our last blog!! I am happy to finally get you all up to date on what's been going on. :) It sure seems like there is always something. lol We have officially moved for our last time. Any itch I've ever had to move has been scratched more times than it needed. But none the less, our new home suits our family the best. We purchased a camper and the boys are loving it. It is so nice to live on site at Casa de Esperenza and not do so much driving!! As well, the boys have their own space when they need a nap or play on their own. ( I also appreciate the nap option.) :) Even just having a place for all our stuff!! We had been living out of our suitcases and totes since we had got here.
The food program has changed and improved greatly the last 2 weeks. After the volunteer meeting, all the volunteers had their position in the program and some simple rules laid out that helped everyone out. We now have designated kitchen staff, and during the program the kitchen is off limits to everyone. :) (I know the cooks are loving it.) We also have split up the kids into age groups and have leaders for each group. (Very much like Sunday school.) After the lesson, the volunteers serve the children one class at a time. It is amazing how the kids have adapted to this new system. We have number of 65-70 kids regularly, and it sounds like 20. It's shocking!! The kids are much calmer and much more patient with the food. In some ways I wonder if they are just relieved to have one part of their life that's not ciotic? Even their playing after the program is more calm. None the less, we still have some kinks to work out, but we have a good start on forming a program that will be able to accommodate 100 on a regular basis.

Little Alex has been blossoming! He is acting more and more like a 1 year old. :) Thanks to Absalom and Brian. :) The time they spend with him, is precious to this little boy. Once he's in their arms he does not want to go to any one else. lol Also seeing Daniella (his cousin that takes care of him) opening up to us, and willingly handing Alex over when she sees us is huge. In the beginning she wasn't so willing; but we knew she needed to play with the girls her age (she's 11) and just be a kid. :) Now she's anxious to run off with her friends to play. :)
Now that I think of it, so many of the kids have been totally transforming in front of our eyes. P.Rapheal has a van full of kids that come to church with his family every Sunday. Also hearing that at home the parents are seeing a difference in their attitudes, for the good. It sure gets the parents curious in what they are being taught. :) (Which is an exciting part of God's plan)

The weather has changed to what would be normal summer weather back home. The evenings can cool down to 15c and I hate to say it, but it's cold. lol (But we sure appreciate the change.) As perfect weather goes, it's the same everyday. Sunny, with maybe a little bit of clouds. There is usually a bit of a breeze. I hate to say it, but it sure does not feel like we're approaching Christmas. I do miss the changes that come with each season, at least you know where you are in the year. :)

Baby News: I am 15 weeks along and the little one is growing. :) I haven't had a doctor's appointment since the ultrasound and I am currently working on changing that. I think I have found the doctor that I will use. He is know for being the doctor that delivers babies. (25% ) Not a very high rate if you ask me, but I'm trying to find the doctor that won't be super eager to give me a c-section. (They are hard to find, they make more money if they perform a c-section) I'm also finding myself at ease with having a baby in Mexico. Previously I just wouldn't let myself think about it.

The boys are still in school, and each one is having a different experience. Mason is doing well, and learning Spanish quickly. I am catching him using Spanish when he's talking. lol Also he seems to be a trouble maker at school. Yesterday I received a note that he had pumped out all the soup in the boys bathroom and we owed them a bottle of soup.
Cole is struggling with the boys at school. They are a rough bunch, and it's really hard to adjust to when back home this kind of play wouldn't have been tolerated. We are currently getting to the bottom of this, and while we're doing this we have advised Cole to defend himself in the meanwhile. Cole's Spanish is coming along very well. He also has gained confidence from an experience where he could translate what a worker was saying, when Brian didn't. I honestly think that was what Cole needed to start liking the language and to encourage him to learn more. (I wish you could have seen him, he was super pumped that he could translate something for dad.) :)

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