Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Gospel with a Coke!

Last Christmas marked the beginning of a neat ministry that we do. In the midst of our normal days it is always exciting to get out into different communities and share the gospel. The "Coke Ministry" began last year as we looked for new ways to minister to the locals on Christmas. We decided by giving people a small token, a gift, would open the door to us sharing about the love of Christ and that He too offers us a gift. The "Coke" represents the gift that God gives us and as we give out these cokes we get to explain that all they need to do is accept it. It's FREE!!!!
So often people hesitate to take the coke. They are wondering whats the catch? Nothing is free! We tell them, it's simple. All you have to do is take it. So with a little confusion they take the coke along with the pamphlet sharing about Christ's love and grace for them and how they can make a decision to accept Christ sacrificial gift. 
We always try to have a Pastor or a national person along with us so that they can explain everything when our limited spanish doesn't quite cut it. This year we were blessed to have numerous spanish speaking translators and Pastors to help us spread the word and in a little less that 2 hours we were able to hand out more than 500 cokes and pamphlets. 

It is always encouraging to see how receptive people are to the gospel. We often watch as people stop to read the pamphlet. Often they ask for prayer. We have done this numerous times and one thing we have noticed is that we have never had to pick up a pamphlet that has been thrown on the ground or in the garbage. Each person takes them with them.

Many Blessings,


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