Friday, April 26, 2013

It's so HOT down here, and there is no snow.

Greetings Everyone

Sorry for the bad humor in the name of my post. It was Clariss's idea. I  couldn't comeup with anything.
Well, with this years busy season now behind us I finally seem to have time to clear my mind and think about the up coming year. This season has been interesting to say the least. We have seen miracles, we have had the opportunity to work with so many of you on a personal basis here in the Guaymas region, and we have had the opportunity to be a part of new and exciting things to come for this area. The launch of Children's Camps Int. as well as personal project that I have been working on over the past year and a half or so. So....needless to say we are excited to see what God has in store for us.
Along with all the great things we see God doing with us, there has also been the challenges. These are expected though, it seems the enemy can never just back off for a little while. In the hustle of the busy season some things sure got neglected. We are excited though, we know God continues to affirm us and is continuing to bring restoration to all the places in our lives that need it. God is faithful, He allows challenges in our lives in order to keep our focus on Him. I sure enjoy seeing all the pieces come together! One of the biggest challenges this year for me has been health. I have had a stomach problem since mid February. I have seen 2 different doctors and have undergone blood work and "stuff." I received results back yesterday from all my tests and for the most part everything came back negative, so that is a praise item, but it still leaves us wondering why I still am battling with my stomach? I would venture to say I have lost about 20-30 lb. I have started to eat more regularly so things are looking up for me. Strange things have happened though, I can hardly convince myself to drink coke and only in the last few days have I started to drink coffee again. Maybe that is a good thing.
Soooo, having said that Clarissa and I are going to make a commitment to update this blog more often. We have very exciting news that we hope to announce next week. We are working on launching a project here in Guaymas and are trusting that all of you can be a part of it in one way or another. I can't announce it today, as much as I would like too. BUT I believe that I can announce it next week. There is a meeting happening today and the outcome may directly impact the direction we are going so I hope that you can understand I don't want to get the cart ahead of the donkey. (I think that is the saying???)
Like I mentioned, with the busy season subsiding, we are finding the time to shift priorities a bit. We are working on our family structure. It was long over due to spend some time together. Clarissa is busy home schooling the boys and I am happy to say that it is going really well. Aside from that she has her hands full with our little Leah. I am still looking at ways that Children Camps Int. can work here in our region. We have some meetings regarding this coming up so I ask you to prayerfully consider them. We have seen how children's clubs have greatly impacted children and families here in Guaymas. There is no doubt that CCI has a lot to offer the City of Guaymas. Aside from working on my side project, I am helping out at Maggie's (Agua Y Mas) fairly regularly. Her program runs daily in the afternoons. Today is field trip day, so we will all be loading up our trucks and driving the kids to the beach!!! I should also mention, we have not been involved in the Fatima program for quite awhile. Upon returning to Mexico this year, we really felt that we did all we could do to launch their program. Rafael and Maricella have done a great job managing things and we saw very quickly we were not needed anymore. In fact, so much so that we felt we were almost a burden in Fatima. Only because I am starting to see the importance of the Mexican nationals taking care of their own people. In Fatima, the community was starting to tie white people with money and blessings. Instead of them focusing on God for blessings they started to focus on man. (the community) We felt that our presence only made things more difficult so we decided to take a step back. I am happy to hear that nothing has skipped a beat. The program continues and the lives of the Children continue to be transformed.
We are starting to plan our trip home for this July. We are looking forward to seeing a bunch of you and having the opportunity to share what has been happening in our lives and what we feel God has in store for us in the future. We pray and thank the Lord for all our supporters. We think of you often. Our plan is to arrive in Winkler on July 13. We want to spend the first week catching up with family but plan to fill up our time with all of you. If your interested in a visit lets start booking the days??? I am already starting to book different churches. We are only in Winkler for a month or so and I know that it won't take long to fill up the schedule. :)
Gods richest blessing to all of you and your families. We look forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to send an email or drop us a line and say hi. I listed our Canadian phone number and email address below.
Please pray that God would continue to provide and that He will give us courage and strength as we prepare for the new season. Ohhh, and lots of wisdom. We have big decisions to make.


Tel: 204-808-5770

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