Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why are we surprised?!!

We have to share how God has recently blessed us.  For the last couple of months, Brian and I have been thinking how helpful a trailer would be.  (I have to admit that it has been more Brian than me.)  Brian's goal for the summer was to save enough money to purchase a trailer to pull behind the truck.  Especially with people asking what we have room for to bring back to Mexico.  This is how Brian's day went this last Tuesday.....

 I spent time on Monday visiting and speaking with folks intending to discuss our support level. Each time I had the opportunity to bring up the topic, I found it difficult to go there. I just didn't have peace to bring it up. So I went to bed that night discouraged. Our departure deadline is quickly approaching and our support level was at a stand still. My goal for Monday was to make some good connections and progress with our support but came home empty handed and discouraged. After somewhat of a discouraging day on Monday I found myself hesitant as to how I was gong to plan my day on Tuesday. I had nothing major planned, just breakfast with a friend. Little did I know God had plans for Tuesday that I never saw coming.

I responded to an email that I received over the weekend from I gentleman that I had never met. In the email he asked me if I would mind meeting him sometime during the week to discuss our mission and ministry. I called him up after breakfast and we decided to meet that morning. Although he was a total stranger to me it turned out that he attends our home church. We got to know each other over coffee and it turned out that he and his wife were interested in supporting us with a monthly contribution. Whoohooo! In his words, it wasn't a large contribution but it was the amount that he and his wife felt lead to contribute. I genuinely thanked him and told him that his contribution was perfect. Our coffee meeting continued and as we were about to pack it in he asked me about our travel arrangements and  vehicle. "Do you have enough space to move to Mexico with your family in your pick up?" I went on to tell him that space was a concern as we have acquired more belongings since Leah arrived in the family. On top of that, people had been offering clothing and supplies to donate to the people in Mexico and if we had room they would love to send them along. I have had to turn people down as space was an issue. We got on the topic of towing a trailer to Mexico and I shared with him that my intent was to purchase one if our budget allowed. We talked about prices and quotes that I had received and then he looked at me and said, "Go to PJ Trailers and pick one out!" What!!!!!! Yeah, go pick out the one you want, the color you like and tell the boys at PJ that I will stop by this afternoon with a cheque. Words cannot explain how it feels when God answers your prayers in such a huge way! Long story short, we went to the dealership together to pick out a trailer. As we looked at trailers we look at all the options and ended up picking out a 12' tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer. White in color.
The guys at PJ were really great to deal with. My new friend explained the situation and they happily gave him a deduction on the purchase price of the trailer. On top of that, the manager asked if it would be okay if PJ Trailers would make a $1000.00 donations to our support fund? What???? I was totally shocked! What could I say? 

During our coffee that morning my new friend made a statement that really stuck out to me. He said "Brian, I can't do what you do, its not my calling. But the Lord has given me other strengths and I have to use them the best I can. It's my roll in this ministry to support you". This is so true. None of us have the same purpose or calling. Some are called to missions, some called to business, farming, parenting etc. God has a plan for all of us and its our responsibility to figure out what that is. As Missionaries to Mexico, we play only a roll in this ministry. Each one of our financial and prayer supporters also play a roll we need each other to make the ministry happen. We need each other and together we are called the body of Christ. It has been an absolute privilege to serve in our roll and although it has been a humbling experience we have seen God work in so many cool ways through so many people that have a desire to serve the Lord and help make a difference in a person's life. Our journey has been exciting! Anyone who says that being a Christian is boring has no idea what it really means. What an awesome experience!

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