Thursday, June 14, 2012

A new Season

It is great to be back into my familiar culture. I know that God doesn't make mistakes but sometime I wonder if I wasn't born in the wrong country. I just feel that I belong here, that people "get" me and that my personality just fits into this culture more than it does at home. No offense to any of you, its me that is the wacko, I mean, how many people want to call a small poverty stricken community home? Funny, of all the places I've seen and visited, from east to west and north to south, Fatima is the community I dream to be a part of.
While I am down here in Mexico for this visit, it is my top priority to make sure I spend time all alone with the Lord. I'm trusting that  this will be a time that God will speak to me and show me what His plans are for the coming year. It has been on my heart that God has big plans in store for this year. I have dreams and desires of what that might be but I am really trusting that God would confirm them in a significant way. Please pray for me particularly next week as take time to process the upcoming year in Mexico.
It is also time to get my support in order. It is this season that I find myself feeling extremely stressed. I hate it, I often have to try to get my head around the idea of people supporting me but then I stop and think of the lives that have changed over the last year. If I didn't swallow my pride and humility someone else would have had to I guess. From the responses I get in talking to people, not to many line up for the opportunity. Its funny though because it is through the experience of raising support God has affirmed to us that this calling is real and that He wants us in Mexico. Please pray that the support would come through and that God would lay it on the hearts of those He chooses to support this ministry. I have had a few verbal confirmations of support but as far as I know no one has confirmed with the church. If you are a current supporter I ask that you please contact the church office and make them aware if you are planning to continue supporting us or if you have chosen to stop. This will be very helpful for me in making the decision as to when we leave. Right now I'm assuming I have a clean slate. Also pray for me,  I have a crazy skin condition that breaks out when I am under stress. Once again this past week my skin is breaking out in a blistery rash on my hands and feet. I find it really frustrating and very painful if it gets out of control. It makes it really tough to walk and my hands are in constant burning pain. After the rash begins to clear my skin dries up and starts to peal off. The whole process can last up to a month or two if I catch it and treat it right away. Its not pleasant.  I'm glad that I am in Mexico because the only drug that controls it is Prednione which I can buy over the counter here. (if your a doctor close your ears, i know all about it, had the speech numerous times) I can never get into see a specialist before it dries up and none of the doctors I have seen can figure it out. So right now I try to control my stress levels and hope it doesn't happen.
Time is slipping  away faster than I can keep track. There are so many of you that I want to get in touch with personally and yet its almost time to go back. I would still love to try and connect with any of you that have questions about our ministry in Mexico. Please feel free to contact us. Reality is that we are going to be gone soon so please don't wait. Call or email us! In the same breath please don't assume that we don't have time for you. Call or email us and we will do our best to work out a time.  
I ask that you remember Clarissa, Cole, Mason and Leah as I'm gone. I've got an amazing wife! She is so very supportive to me and what we feel we are called to be a part of. It takes a special woman to follow a guy through the adventure we have been on. I love you Babe! Thanks.

God bless all of you


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