Thursday, October 6, 2011

Small update

Hello Everyone
It has been a very exciting week for us. First off, Clarissa's Mom and Dad came down to visit us for a couple weeks. They arrived yesterday afternoon. We have had a real great time re connecting with them. Our boys were so stoked to see them driving up the road approaching the mission center. Secondly, we enrolled both of our boys into the Spanish public school this week. Cole LOVES it! He is such a social bug. It is so good for him to get out of the house and he has already made friends. We are so thankful that God has blessed him with friends. Mason is not quite as enthused but after we leave he seems to be having fun. It is always a bit hard to drop him off but when we pick him up he is pumped and says he had a good morning.
This evening was real special as Mom and Dad joined us for our Thursday night feeding program. It was really cool for them to meet Pastor Rafael and his family and especially cool to see them connect with all the children. I'm extremely touched that they can be here to see what we do. Also, this evening was especially touching for me. One of the girls asked me to teach her a sentence in English. I decided to teach her how to say "you are my friend." Karen replied very clearly in English saying "You are my Daddy" followed with a big hug. Words cannot express how how touched I was to hear her reply. Like most of the children here, she does not have a father.
We trust that you are all well back home.

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