Sunday, May 1, 2011

..He maketh me lie down in green pastures...

I've wanted to post this picture for a couple of weeks already, the weather just hasn't been cooperating. This is my boys enjoying what spring brings us in Reinland. It's a treat of ours to go biking on the paved walk through the ditch at the end of the street.
This last week has been a week of rest for us. The weather was great, I got to do what I love best, which is working in the dirt. My sore back and legs are proof of it. (I'm afraid that my yard doesn't show much evidence of my work!) Mason has been practicing riding bike without training wheels. (yeah!) Cole has been oh so busy playing soccer with our neighbor boys. Brian has been flying the kite that has been kindly borrowed to us by the Brodlands. :)
The last couple of weeks have been go-go, and to have a week of having the week free has been good for us. For next week will be a busy one again, which we are ready for. And hopefully God will give us some sunshine with it. :)

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